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Kings River Conservancy Raptor Walk

...River Access is open. Please be careful of high, fast-moving water. The river has moved quite a few rocks around, so hike carefully as well!

The KRC Raptor Walk follows the south shore of the Kings River just below the dam. It's a flat, casual walk (but not completely smooth) with interpretive signs describing the large birds of prey you are likely to encounter along the trail.

To reach the KRC Raptor Walk, cross the Pine Flat Bridge just below Pine Flat Dam. Walk through the Army Corps of Engineers Kings River Wildlife Area, and through a stile in the back corner closest to the river. The welcome sign greets you and you can walk from sign to sign and enjoy the mile-long riverside ramble, and the trees, flowers, and wildlife along the way. Please pack out anything you bring in as there is no trash removal service in this pedestrian area.

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