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River Clean Up Events

The Kings River needs your help!  There are so many ways to you can contribute as a Steward; the easiest way is by participating in our Monthly Project Days.  Most Project days involve removing debris from the river and riparian habitat and graffiti removal.  Some days will involve a special projects such as installing trail signs, park benches, weed abatement, pruning and/or trail maintenance.  All supplies, equipment, water, and even some personal protective equipment will be provided.

Monthly Project Days

Third Saturday of Every Month 8:00-9:30 a.m.

Check our ongoing calendar for particulars, or give us a call!

You will not be alone in this endeavor.  We have partnered with the six organizations to beatify our river!   Many hands make the work-load lighter.  That's why we have partnered with Kings River Conservation District, Kings River Fisheries Management Program and its Public Advisory Group, Kings River Water Association, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the US Army Corps of Engineers to host these monthly events.


Bring gloves, sunscreen and a hat, and clippers or your favorite tool.    

For more information call 559-787-9500  


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