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THANK YOU to the many individuals and organizations that support the Conservancy's mission and vision and work toward the same goals.

The Kings River Conservancy is a 501(c)3 public benefit corporation and all donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

Bald Eagle Supporters ($12,000 and above)

SH Cowell Foundation

Margret Thornburn

Great Horned Owl Supporters ($5,000 and above)

John and Gail Gray / Reedley Veterinary

Peregrine Falcon Supporters ($2,400 and above)

Clark Family Foundation

Greg and Deb Lapp

Reedley College


Osprey Supporters ($1,200 and above)

Dr. Jerry and Sue Buckley

California Growers

Harris River Range

Nancy Jones

Kings River Water Association 

Martin Marietta Corporation

Thomas Mulholland

Linda Salwassser

Sandra Skaret

Steve and Jackie Windh

Red Tail Hawk Supporters ($600 and above)

Jim and Julie Ishimaru

Michael Linton

Kirk and Jodi Kawagoe

Tim and Ingrid Morris

Herb and Dale Simmons

John and Jolene Telles

Ken and Sally Zech

Kingfisher Supporters ($300 and above)

Baggie Farms

Margo Denison and Gary Gray

Michael Harman

Dr. Klaus and Jan Hoffman

Anne Hoover and Susan Rose

MaryBeth and Michael Janzen

Adela and Craig Jones

Mitsuo and Gail Kozuki

Alan and Pegi Weaver

Egret Supporter ($180 and above)

Brent Auernheimer

Rick and Gayle Barton

David and Debbie Borofka

Tom Biglione

Fly Fishers for Conservation, Inc., in Memory of Susan Leveque

William Kent Hamlin, in Honor of Di Nicholson

Linda and Mark Hurst

Helen Kerz and Bill Zlaket

David and Carol Krehbiel

Lanny Larson

Ted and Natalie Loewen

Mas and Marcy Masumoto, in Honor of John and Gail Gray

Paul and Patience Pierce

The Schoettlers, in Memory of Mary Mooneyham

Patricia Shubin

Veronique Sigala

In Honor of Vernon Crowder, From:

Arthur Dyson

Daniel Eberly

Gary Gray

Douglas Jensen

Deborah and Greg Lapp

Lanny Larson

Paul and Patience Pierce

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