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The Kings River Conservancy is pleased to announce the continued support through the Central Valley Community Foundation, of a substantial  Ted Martin Family Grant.


A major part of the funding will be used to re-establish the trail from the County Access Point next to Choinumni to the All-Access Fishing Area. It will include clearing a rough trail and removing invasive wild fig and any dead and dangerous trees or limbs. Debris and trimmings will be stacked uphill of the trail in order to provide habitat for wildlife.


“While this trail is a little challenging, it features two spectacular Native pounding hole sites, and hikers and fishers are frequently rewarded with sightings of bald eagles, hawks, herons, and waterfowl,” said Deborah Lapp, board president, Kings River Conservancy.

Part of the grant will fund game warden overtime hours to help the California Department of Fish & Wildlife patrol the lower Kings River in search of poachers and other violators abusing the river.

Kings River Conservancy also plans to contribute to the Kings River Conservation District’s incubator house for augmentation of the trout fishery in the lower Kings River.

“Ted Martin enjoyed the Kings River, and the Community Foundation does a great job of remembering his wish to help the fishery and the community’s appreciation of it,” said Vernon Crowder, executive director, Kings River Conservancy.


Other improvements include: installing check dams and water bars to mitigate erosion resulting from the use of small trails by community members; broadening the existing trail from Cobbles Weir to Avocado Lake; and controlling the growth of invasive species to enhance the growth of native species and limit the negative impact on the river.

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