Volunteer at the Incubator House

Fry for this round will be released on February 17. We will need approximately 6-10 volunteers to help release trout fry in various locations between the ACOE Bridge and Avocado Lake Park. Fry release typically lasts from 2:00-5:00 pm dependent on number of volunteers and number of fry. Volunteers should be able to transport 2-3 5-gallon buckets in their personal vehicles (trucks preferable, but unheated cars will suffice), and should also be able to carry a 20-pound bucket over uneven terrain. Some sites may require carrying buckets for up to 600 ft.  A working knowledge of the area is preferable but not required.

If you are interested in becoming a weekend/holiday volunteer and have never been through the orientation or regularly assisted other volunteers in the incubator, please contact Lori Werner, Kings River Conservation District, at lwerner@krcd.org or call (559)237-5567 x122 to arrange an orientation prior to signing up or to find out more information.