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Grants and Support

Many of our projects and programs could not have been made possible without the generous support mentioned below.  We invite you to learn more about these generous supporters.


The Board of Directors of the Kings River Conservancy is pleased to announce the continued support, through the Central Valley Community Foundation, of a substantial Ted Martin Family Grant. The monies will go to support and expand three innovative Conservancy projects and programs. These include:  Trail Improvements, the Rainbow Trout Improvement Project, the Invasive Species Removal Program, and supporting the Frank Jones Memorial Warden Enforcement Fund.  Click on the link below to learn more .

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SH Cowell Foundation


The Kings River Conservancy was seeking to expand our education program and had a fabulous volunteer grant writer, Donna Waddell, who found the Cowell Foundation grant opportunity through the Central Community Foundation. With our mission in mind, we made contacts in Sanger Unified, and with other partner agencies such as KRCD, Department of Fish and Wildlife, and Army Corps of Engineers, and applied. It turned out that Sanger Unified was a school district of special interest to the Cowell Foundation and our mission aligned with theirs; and, thanks to support from Cowell, we were able to hire an education director and start field trips at North Riverside. During the COVID restrictions, we pivoted to DIY field trips, placing interpretive signage along the trails and tending the trails to accommodate the increased traffic of people coming out to the safe and natural spaces along the Kings River. Tentatively safer, post-COVID, field trips are once again ramping up and teachers are becoming enthusiastic about this natural resource in their backyard. We are grateful to the Cowell Foundation for supporting us through this challenging time and are confident that many families benefited from the resources we were able to provide thanks to their vision.

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