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WHAT WE DO -  Our Programs

The mission of the Kings River Conservancy is to foster community involvement in protecting and enhancing environmental values, to enhance and control public access for recreation, to educate the public on matters related to environmental values, to preserve agricultural lands and to encourage sound public conservation practices along the Kings River corridor from Pine Flat Dam to Highway 99.


The Kings River Conservancy has many programs that reflects this mission.  Our programs aim to  preserve and protect the continued growth and beauty of the Kings River. Click the images below to learn more about each of these programs.

Education Program

KRC strives to educate about the river, its ecology, conservation efforts and safety practices along the Kings River,   Both virtual and in person field trips along the Kings River are available for you to enjoy and learn.


Meet the Education team, learn about the river, schedule an in person field trip or take a virtual field trip through the education page by clicking the "Education" link in the upper right corner on any page in this website.  You can also message us through this site, or contact our Education Director,  at   

The KRC Education Program is made possible by the SH Cowell Foundation.

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Invasive Species Removal

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Since 2013, the Kings River Conservancy has funded and retained the services of Rusmore Consulting to remove invasive plant species along the Kings River. These plant species include Yellow Star Thistle, Giant Reed, Fig, Tree of Heaven and others. In a phased program starting at Pine Flat Dam and working downstream, the effort thus far has effectively removed all invasive plants from the dam to Cobbles Weir, a distance of seven miles   At this point, Giant Reed is being removed at the City of Sanger property just northwest of Goodfellow Ave. This important  program is also funded by the Ted Martin Family Grant. 

Warden Patrol Funding

KRC helps to fund extra Game Warden Patrols, exclusively along the Kings River. This decreases and hopes to one day eliminate the ever-growing trout poaching in an effort to ensure the continued success of the Kings River Fisheries programs.

Modeled after a successful program implemented on the Kern River in 1995 to stop trout poaching, and named in memory of the Honorable Franklin P. Jones and his love for fly fishing and the great outdoors, this dedicated funding stream allows anyone and everyone--including you--to make a tax deductible donation to Kings River Conservancy that will be forwarded 100% through the Conservancy to the California Department of Fish and Game.  To find out more click on the link below


River Clean Ups and Improvements

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The Kings River Conservancy has many on-going and grant funded projects, including access park improvements.  Please view "Accomplishments" section under the "about" to learn more.


Currently there are two types of River Clean up events that you can learn more about and be a part of.  Just click on the link below or go to the "volunteer" link above.  


KRC will hold a few river cleanup effort throughout the year and will be posted as they develop.  


However, you can participate monthly through the Kings River Cleanup cooperative effort between the Kings River Conservation District, Kings River Water Association, CA Department of Fish and Wildlife, US Army Corps of Engineers, and Kings River Conservancy.  This is an effort to keep the Kings River safe and clean for all to enjoy.


The cleanup takes place on the 3rd Saturday of every month from 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. The cleanup location will vary month by month, but the general target area is the Kings River stretch from below Pine Flat Dam to Highway 180. The cleanup location for each month will be shared with volunteers prior to the cleanup day.


The partner agencies will provide all trash pickup materials (i.e., trash bags, trash pickers, gloves, etc.).  

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