Getting outdoors when you cannot get outdoors!

Due to COVID-19, our in-person field trips to the river have been cancelled until further notice, but we have moved to hosting virtual field trips online!  We will keep you informed of when we can start in-person field trips again.


With stay at home orders still in place it can become a challenge to find fun, educational activities to do with your kids.  Check out this link from Stop NDD (Nature Deficit Disorder) to learn about some fun and safe outdoor activities you can do on your own or as a family.     


In striving to continue to educate about the river, its ecology, conservation efforts and safety practices along the Kings River, we are making these virtual field trips along the Kings River available to the public for you to enjoy and learn.  Our organization is in the early stages of learning the process of how to film so please disregard shaky videos and quick zooms for the first few posts.

For more information on what we do, how to get your group involved, or how you can support our education program, please message us through this site, or contact our Education Director, Diane Loflin, at 559-341-0211.   Stay well!

New video links and activities:

The Best Six Doctors; Staying Healthy With A Leisurely Stroll Along the Kings River

Local Wildflower Identification

Turkey Vultures

Raptor Walk Coloring Pages